Everyone loves Horoscope Sign.

Grab your favorite and spread the love!

Collect and Love your Horoscope Sign

What is CryptoHoroscope?

CryptoHoroscope is an Ethereum game based on what 99.7% of the world population love the most, Horoscope Sign!

Why is so special?

You can collect and own your favorite Horoscope Sign! After you buy it. the price will be automatically increased of 50%. If someone buy your Horoscope Sign, you will get the amount as a reward. For example: You buy Margherita for 1 ETH, It will be automatically placed on the marketplace at 1,50 ETH. When someone else buy it, he'll get the Horoscope Sign and you will get 1,20 ETH as a reward!

How to play?

  • Download and install Metamask.
  • Click “Buy This Horoscope Sign” under your favorite Horoscope Sign.
  • Make up to 2x the ETH when someone buys your Horoscope Sign!

How can I trust you?

CryptoHoroscope is a blockchain based game, that means that every single rule is writte in our smart contract and everyone can read it! In addition, all the transaction are recorded in the blockchain and no one can manipulate them